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Health Research, Evaluation and Learning

Pioneering approaches and Global leadership.

Palladium’s state-of-the-art monitoring and evaluation tools connect the dots between seemingly unrelated pieces of data and uncover essential solutions for national governments, service delivery organisations, policymakers and civil society in areas such as HIV/AIDS, orphans and vulnerable children and family planning and reproductive health. We undertake quantitative, qualitative and operational research to support evidence-based policy and programmatic decision-making, ensuring that service delivery is on track and delivers results.

We offer technical assistance and capacity building to strengthen the data and information that guide public health programmes, working with local institutions in country to build their capacity to carry out monitoring and evaluation activities and to ensure data quality. We also provide global leadership in pioneering approaches to increase demand for and use of health data, helping decision makers make the best use of data to identify health issues, monitor interventions and make mid-course corrections when necessary.

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