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Direct Investing

We leverage decades of experience delivering international development and strategy consulting engagements.

Palladium’s dedicated team of investment professionals are focused on the extensive development of an investment pipeline from our Project Portfolio . Our expansive reach (2500 employees across 90 countries) helps us source investment opportunities that may be viable for our Impact Investing Portfolio, to be financed through a discrete pool of Palladium capital alongside that of experienced third-party investors. We are mindful of the efficiencies when sourcing pipeline investments and have regular dialogue with other third-party investors active in the impact investment ecosystem – including but not limited to incubators, accelerators and other co-investors – to identify and share investment opportunities. Viable opportunities must align with Palladium’s current investment mandate parameters (which are subject to refinement): we target ventures that generate both financial and social returns in emerging markets where we have an established footprint and that operate within a sector well-known and covered by us.

Our investment mandate has the following key criteria, for direct investment opportunities to be considered, namely:

  • Sectors where Palladium has an existing track record and in-house expertise;
  • Geographies where Palladium is active with a significant in-country presence; and
  • For-profit companies with an operating history of at least 2 years and currently generating revenues

Palladium will work with co-investors who are financially secure and prepared to put capital at risk for the achievement of aligned financial and social returns. Engaging with credible investment partners who have experience investing within the specified geographies in which Palladium is active, is key to our proposition. In order to facilitate co-investments, we are willing to work with a broad range of intermediaries and co-investors to develop bespoke investment structures and strategies.

The impact investments team leverages pre-existing in-house expertise gained through Palladium’s decades of experience delivering international development and strategy consulting engagements. We rely upon in-house sector knowledge in fields such as agriculture, environment, healthcare, water and sanitation and governance as required to facilitate investment, and we coordinate with the in-house monitoring and evaluation practice to develop a ‘lean approach’ to evaluating the social impact of investments.

Palladium’s expansive geographic reach, with over 30 major offices worldwide and operations in more than 90 countries, allows us to source opportunities from across the globe while operating within our existing geographic footprint. Our impact investing pipeline mirrors our existing project portfolio in leveraging our deep in-country expertise, which is strongest in emerging markets in Africa, South and Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea.

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