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Market Building

Opinion leaders and conversation starters in impact investment.

Palladium seeks to be an opinion leader and conversation starter in impact investment both globally and regionally - building the market for impact investments by educating the broader marketplace and serving as an intermediary between relevant stakeholders. For example, we have entered new markets, where we have facilitated interaction and discussion with key players in our markets, both on the capital supply and the prospective investment side. This has been supported and enhanced across sectors that are well-known to us i.e. agricultural sector in a specific region by leveraging our relationships with governments, farmers, agricultural vendors and service providers, food retailers, and investors. This is also built off of our expansive project portfolio of agribusiness projects in select regions.

As part of building the market, Palladium seeks to leverage established local relationships with both public and private participants in the 90+ countries where we operate. We also look to establish a network of key experienced players in the impact investments ecosystem in every country of interest to our portfolio. Our ‘boots-on-the-ground’ capability facilitates deeper relationship building and provides access to the most unlikely of places and local players. We turn to Palladium’s in-house sector knowledge in fields such as agriculture, environment, healthcare, water and sanitation and governance as required, creating cost and time efficiencies within the process.

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