HP+ Cambodia - Consultant - Health System Expert
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Project Overview and Role

Given its success and the ability of the country to support the costs, Cambodia's HIV/AIDS response has been in transition over the past few years. While the integration with government ministries such as Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, Ministry of Women Affaires; Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation; Ministry of Labor is extensive, the National AIDS Authority (NAA), Ministry of Health (MoH), NCHADS and partners need to intensify their efforts to increase synergies with the broader health system. This effort is codified in policy measures # 1 and # 6 of the policy circular of the RGC (SCN #213) as well as in the NSP V. Health Policy Plus (HP+) is supporting NAA and NCHADS in collaboration with partners including UNAIDS, WHO and CSOs.

HP+ is looking for a health system expert to assist in developing a framework for the transition/Integration of HIV/AIDS in the health system. Applicants MUST include a proposed rate for the work in their CV or cover letter submitted with their application.

The overall objective of the assignment is to facilitate a national consensus on a conceptual framework to guide increased integration of HIV/AIDS, and other programs, into the health system. This framework would be included and used to defined objectives and activities to increase efficiencies and effectiveness NCHADS-HSSP (2021-2025) and MoH's National Strategic Plan 2021-2030.
Specific objectives of the assignment include the following:
  1. To document various frameworks and models to guide the transition, identify lessons learnt and experiences of from both in country and region
  2. To conduct consultations with key stakeholders including NAA, MoH, WHO, UNAIDS, CSOs, other DPs to refine a framework for HIV/AIDS integration in Health System.
  3. To document an integration framework which is agreed upon by stakeholder above and facilitate its use for inclusion with the upcoming MoH's NSP.


Roles and responsibilities of the expert
The selected consultant will perform roles and assume responsibilities as follows:
  1. Develop a detailed methodology, a detailed activity framework with timeline.
  2. Conducts data and information collection through the methodology defined above.
  3. Analyze data and information to identify examples of frameworks to consider with recommendations.
  4. Facilitates consultations, discussions and workshops on integration frameworks.
  5. Participates in NCHADS HSSP to ensure that HIV/AIDS integration into health system is emphasized and a clear strategy is defined.
  6. Engages in MoH's NSP development process to advocate for the inclusion of the nationally agreed framework for HIV/AIDS integration in health system in the new MoH's NSP.

The expected deliverables of the assignment include:
  • A summary document laying out potential frameworks for consultations (to be included in the final report)
  • A report of the assessment which includes the approach/framework agreed upon by stakeholders and ready for inclusion into various other key national strategies NCHADS-HSSP (2021-2025) and MoH's NSP (2021-2030).
  • Presentation materials including PPT slides for consultation and others.


Qualification Requirements
The selected consultant will meet the following criteria:
  1. University degree in public health, health policy and system, health governance, sociology and any related fields preferred.
  2. Experiences in health systems: assessments, design, research.
  3. Demonstrated analytical skills in inclusive health system analysis, health system efficiency, and disease-specific integration strategy into broader health system.
  4. Proven experiences in working on developing health policy and strategy formulation, health system strengthening and integration.
  5. Demonstrated experiences in advocacy work, health negotiation and coordination and facilitation with government officials, development partners, CSO and community-desirable.
  6. Knowledge of Cambodia health system and the challenges of HIV/AIDS and other national programs that need to be integrated into the health system is an advantage.
  7. Good understanding of Cambodia's political environment, health and administrative systems, the challenges of the difference between and health operational and the authority administrative system.
  8. Good time management and inter-personal skills.
Applicants MUST include a proposed rate for the work in their CV or cover letter submitted with their application

The assignment is planned to be completed by February 2020, with the expectation that the expert will be onboard as soon as November 2019.

Closing date:
22 November 2019