National Health Expenditure Survey Technical Consultancy
Company Overview
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Palladium is a child-safe organisation, and screens applicants for suitability to work with children. We also provide equal employment to all participants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran or marital status.

Project Overview and Role

Palladium develops and delivers solutions that create positive impact for communities, businesses, societies and economies. We transform lives and create enduring value by working with governments, corporations and non-profit organisations. Palladium is built on the idea that progress will be supported by four key pillars:
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We create positive impact through more than 100 current projects with more than 2000 employees operating in over 90 countries.

Palladium is a child-safe organization, and screens applicants for suitability to work with children. We also provide equal employment to all participants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran or marital status.

Project Overview and Role
Health Policy Plus (HP+) is a USAID-funded five-year $185 million project awarded to Palladium (formerly Futures Group) on August 28, 2015. HP+ has a mandate across global, country, and subnational levels to strengthen and advance health policy priorities in family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH), HIV, and maternal health. It aims to improve the enabling environment for equitable and sustainable health services, supplies, and delivery systems through policy development and implementation, with an emphasis on voluntary, rights-based health programs, and by strengthening in-country partners' capacity to navigate complex environments for effective policy design, implementation, and financing aligned to their priorities. We carry forward proven approaches to preserve achievements. These approaches inform how we manage programs and engage with stakeholders, and tools and techniques improve decision making and the achievement of predetermined goals.
HP+, in partnership with the Philippines Department of Health - Health Policy Development and Planning Bureau (DOH-HPDPB), seeks to conduct a first-ever national-level study consisting of linked household-level and facility-level surveys to gather quantitative data on the utilization of healthcare services, household healthcare expenditures, and household mechanisms for financing healthcare expenditures. Results from the study will inform subsequent rounds of the Philippines National Health Expenditure Survey (NHES), which will be implemented by the DOH-HPDPB in mid/late 2019.
The consultant will provide technical and capacity building support for the analysis, dissemination, and institutionalization of the NHES. The consultant will collaborate with the local NHES consultant team (inclusive of another senior economist, research manager, and two research associates) to provide leadership and support in the supervision of the third-party data collection firm in final stages of data collection, encoding, and processing. The consultant will also work closely with staff at the DOH-HPDPB, HP+ headquarters staff, and the third-party data contracting firm.


The senior economist consultant will provide technical assistance including, but not limited to:
  • Provide technical support to data collection firm in completion of the NHES household and medical provider components data collection efforts;
  • Together with local consultant team and HP+, provide support and oversight to data collection firm in data encoding, processing, and cleaning;
    • This will require visits to the PSRC central office to review/monitor of data collection materials and processes;
    • Provide feedback and inputs to data collection firm and local consultant team in preparing .do files for cleaning;
  • Review of data collection firm's final deliverables, providing direct feedback to PSRC and support to local NHES consultant team
    • Review of final Round 1 data collection instruments; including NHES-HC and NHES-MPC questionnaires, consent forms, assent forms and field protocols
    • Review of encoded NHES data, including provision of comments to dummy database, validation rules, and weekly updates on database status;
    • Review of data collection narrative documenting data collection process, challenges encountered and overcome, and proposed revisions to survey instruments for future rounds of NHES implementation.
  • Together with HP+, support DOH-HPDPB in data analysis and statistical methodology of NHES Round 1 data;
    • Provide support in detailing the technical definition of each indicator and measurement method, including anticipated adjustments to data needed
    • Provide feedback and inputs to local consultant team in preparing .do files for data analysis;
  • Provide technical support in interpretation of NHES Round 1 data, assist in drafting and reviewing NHES Round 1 Final report. Assist HP+ and implementing partners in drafting supplemental analyses, reports, and recommendations for future NHES rounds.


  • Based in Manila, Philippines
  • Fluency in English and Filipino/Tagalog required; competency in other local languages (Bikol, Cebuano, Ilocano, Ilonggo, Waray) preferred
  • Education - MS or MA in Economics, Statistics or Public Health is preferred
  • Previous experience in managing, or helping manage in a supervisory capacity, the conduct of both nationwide household and health facility surveys is required, that the said surveys touch on health care utilization, financing and expenditures is preferred
  • Strong technical skills with statistical principles and survey procedures
  • Strong skills in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Stata (or other statistical package) required
  • Familiarity with QPSMR software preferred
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, writing, and oral presentation skills in English

Intermediate Level
Manila, Philippines
Closing date:
28 May 2019