Jun 19 2019
Our Global Impact 2018

Our Global Impact is a year in the life of Palladium. This publication reflects who we are and what we do, measured by the impact we have on the world.
What do we mean by “impact”? In the nearly twenty years I’ve been with Palladium, I’ve watched this term shift in and out of vogue, distilling its meaning for some and diluting it for others.

We coined the term “Positive Impact” to mean “the intentional creation of enduring social and economic value”, and we aspire to realise it in everything we do. At its simplest, impact is about the effect we have, but to us, that effect has to endure.

Whether you’re a company future-proofing your supply chain or a bilateral donor creating economic opportunities in underserved communities, the sustainability of your solutions is the difference between true impact, and a missed opportunity.

Palladium has been in the business of making the world a better place for over fifty years, and in our experience, one thing is very clear. No single stakeholder can create real, enduring impact alone. From inequality to climate change, businesses, governments, donors, investors, and communities all have a role and a stake in solving the world’s most pressing challenges.

Challenging others to work together – to see opportunity in this broader context – feels utopian, but it’s distinctly practical. Each of us operates in an ecosystem; a complex network of people, cultures, processes, and (sometimes competing) interests. Recognising this, and creating solutions that consider every part of an ecosystem, is how you create solutions for the long haul. That’s how you ensure that your Positive Impact endures.

Palladium is a global impact firm, and enduring solutions to seemingly impossible challenges are what we bring to our clients and to the world, a sample of which can be found in this report. Part One explores our approach to enduring impact across our core capabilities, while Part Two journeys through the over 200 projects in our 2018 portfolio, spanning 80 countries and 6 continents.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading Our Global Impact 2018, and join us in making
impossible challenges possible, for good.

Christopher Hirst | Palladium CEO