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Building momentum for a Total Market Approach in Zambia

Palladium adjusts social marketing portfolio using TMA lens

Photo credits: David Olson

Palladium is a global thought leader and advocate for Total Market Approaches (TMA) designed to improve equity and impact in priority health areas. TMA is an evidence-based, strategic process that uses data to understand market trends, recognize the comparative strengths of various sectors, and apply market-shaping strategies to influence positive, sustainable growth of health products and services. While TMA dialogue is evolving rapidly at the global level with the development of TMA tools, processes, and assessment guides, there is less documentation of TMA implementation at the country-level - and of the successes and practical, everyday challenges that practitioners face.

In Zambia, Palladium is building momentum for total market growth for a variety of health products as a partner to the USAID DISCOVERHealth project and lead for the project’s social marketing portfolio. Social marketing has played a key role in Zambia over the last two decades, establishing a private, largely urban-based market for male condoms and oral contraceptives (OCs). Nonetheless, there are opportunities to use TMA principles to better segment the market, increase commercial-sector participation, and improve overall multisectoral collaboration.

This case study uses the Palladium framework to describe early TMA efforts in Zambia - focusing on condom and OC markets and identifying relevant market inequities, policy barriers, challenges, and opportunities to improve overall market segmentation...

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