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#DayOfTheGirl SPORT: Girls rugby teams shatter stereotypes in Nigeria

Palladium's Let's Make it Possible foundation is supporting all-girl rugby teams in Kano, Nigeria. For these girls, playing rugby challenges cultural norms and is a physical demonstration of gender equality.

Basic Secondary School Kano Girls Rugby Team

Let’s Make it Possible (LMIP) offered just under USD $20K to help expand rugby teams throughout the area so that more kids have a chance to join or start a team, including the all-girls teams. So far, LMIP has supported 400 kids and five new teams in Kano.

Palladium is supporting rugby in an area where funding for sports – particularly girls’ sports – is not a top priority. The sport not only provides a health boosting and competitive environment for children in Kano, the involvement of girls’ is one more step in the direction of gender equality.

Palladium recently sponsored a day-long Rugby Showcase tournament attended by the Emir of Kano. Two of the teams at the tournament were all-girls, a rare sight in Nigeria. Their inspiring story was highlighted by the media.

Palladium is heavily committed to development in Northern Nigeria and has 112 staff implementing five projects in Kano, from governance to health.

Aminu Kano Commercial College Girls Rugby Team

Let’s Make it Possible is a not-for-profit entity founded, organised and managed by Palladium to provide direct financial support to innovative Positive Impact initiatives across the globe. Palladium encourages employees, colleagues, entrepreneurs, partners, affiliates and non-profits to apply for support and consideration.

To underscore the importance of this corporate social responsibility platform and initiative, Palladium has committed annually to contribute 1.5% of Profit Before Tax to Let’s Make it Possible, of which at least 95% will be spent directly on activities.