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#DayoftheGirl HEALTH: Mauritania adopts law to protect girls from violence

Health Policy Plus promotes health policies that are led by individual countries but inclusive of all voices.

Photo by EC/ECHO/Anouk Delafortrie

Mauritania’s Council of Ministers, on October 6, approved the text of a new Reproductive Health Law, which explicitly states that the right to reproductive health care is a universal right guaranteed to all throughout the course of their lives and prohibits forms of violence against women, including female genital mutilation.

The law, submitted by the Minister of Health, brings Mauritania’s national policies into alignment with those of other countries of the Ouagadougou Partnership pursuing commitments on family planning outlined in FP2020 goals.

This law comes as a result of nearly a decade of unceasing effort by USAID and its policy advocacy partners, including UNFPA, Health Policy Plus and its predecessor projects, which helped draft an early version of the law for FP2020 advocacy efforts across West Africa.

Palladium’s Health Policy Plus contributes to optimizing health resources and fostering more equitable, sustainable, rights-based health services, supplies, and delivery systems.

This article originally appeared on the HP+ website.