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For Novartis, there's more to Positive Impact in emerging markets than their medicine

Charlie Hough is the Vice President and Global Head of Strategy, Corporate Responsibility at Novartis. He sat down with Palladium to explain how Novartis is creating Positive Impact in developing countries, with their programmes like Healthy Families.

Healthy Families is a commercially viable programme that addresses issues that impact access to healthcare; including education, infrastructure and distribution. He explains that much of their success has come from working with partnerships in emerging economies.

Palladium: What makes your entry strategies in emerging markets successful, where so many other companies have struggled or failed?

Charlie Hough: Many of our very successful emerging market strategies have been in partnership with the government. We develop Memorandums of Understanding where we might package availability of our medicines with capability building programs, so that’s something that’s very typical.

We may develop a managed entry agreement where we would agree to provide support to help build the local healthcare infrastructure, either through training and education or other mechanisms. To add diagnostic capabilities where it may not exist to diagnose the treatment that we may be hoping to provide the country. Successful entry strategies often involve providing more than just the medicine that Novartis develops.

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