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How Mali is improving the health of the nation by bringing different sectors together

Mali's Ministry of Health has taken huge strides towards a Total Market Approach

As a partner on the USAID-funded Keneya Jemu Kan project, Palladium leads the social marketing and TMA portfolio.

Palladium is contributing to global leadership and advocacy around total market approaches (TMA) in developing health markets. TMA is an evidence-based, strategic process that uses data to recognize the comparative strengths of various sectors and apply market-shaping strategies to influence positive, sustainable growth of health markets. There is a role for total market principles in health markets at all levels of development, yet there is less documentation of TMA implementation at the country level.

In Mali, achieving sustainable access to quality reproductive health and family planning (RH/FP) products and services represents a critical challenge for the government due to limited financial and human resources, as well as security issues in some areas. The Ministry of Health recognizes the importance of a multi-sectoral approach for improved planning, investment, and health impact. After more than 25 years of social marketing programs in Mali, there is limited coordination and collaboration between the public and private sectors. Palladium is helping to build multi-sectoral collaboration using a total market approach (TMA), starting with reproductive health and family planning products. As a partner on the USAID-funded Keneya Jemu Kan (KJK) project, Palladium leads the social marketing and TMA portfolio. The KJK project combines social and behavior change communication and social marketing to reduce maternal, infant, and child mortality, increase overall contraceptive prevalence, and reduce malnutrition among women and children.

This case study uses the Palladium framework to describe early TMA efforts in Mali, which have focused on understanding market inequities, establishing a TMA platform for stakeholder dialogue, and improving coordination...

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