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How to access data in emerging economies

What if companies looking to enter or expand into emerging markets could access the difficult market data they need to inform their decision making? Palladium’s Stephen Rahaim explains how to make it possible.

Palladium: What is one of the largest challenges private companies have when reaching consumers in emerging markets?

Stephen Rahaim: There’re a lot of challenges that companies face when moving into emerging and developing markets. One that I think cross-cuts a lot of different areas is data.

They don’t have access to, or resources or an understanding of how to collect data in developing markets as easily as it’s available in developed markets. It’s not the click of a mouse, the click of a button and it’s not collected in digital formats in the same way or as readily.

So having an on the ground partner to really help them understand how to pull that data from consumers, from spenders, from different financing sources, whatever the market data that’s going to inform their decision making from this type of investment to move into, or expand into an emerging market is absolutely essential.

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