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Kim Bredhauer - Reflections on Positive Impact

Kim Bredhauer, CEO at Palladium, reflects on what Positive Impact means and how we can align the needs of businesses with the needs of society.

The Palladium Summit 2017 brought together nearly 250 delegates to explore the huge potential for Positive Impact – the intentional creation of enduring social and economic value.

What is Positive Impact?

Kim Bredhauer: Positive Impact is the intentional creation of enduring social and economic value. There are a lot of actors in the world that are trying to do good things – government, corporations, individuals, philanthropists etc – Positive Impact is how we bring together all these actors, because to solve the world’s wicked problems you need everyone working together.

How did your vision of Positive Impact develop at Palladium?

KB: A number of years ago my management team and I were discussing where we were going with our organisation. It became obvious that the work that we were largely doing in International Development was not sufficient to make the difference that we needed to, to the world, to create this Positive Impact.

We endeavoured to bring together a group of organisations from various parts of the world who came from different backgrounds but with a common purpose of, what some of us didn’t realise at that time was, Positive Impact.

The evolution of Positive Impact has really been the bringing together of those organisations. It’s creating Positive Impact within the firm which enables us to create Positive Impact for society, and government, and our clients.

What did you enjoy most about the Summit?

KB: It’s a very exciting Summit. I think we have a great, broad spectrum of delegates and I’m hoping that from these couple of days they can take away a further understanding of where we’re trying to drive Positive Impact. And, what this means to them as members of organisations, of companies, of society generally, and how we’re on a journey.

As Dr Kaplan has explained to people there’s an evolution which started with philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. Shared value is the next step in that and Positive Impact is also part of the journey.

Summits like these are where we get together people to think and talk freely and exchange ideas which can help us create Positive Impact.

What would be your message to your Palladium colleagues?

KB: I’d like to say that what we’re doing is ground-breaking work. We’re creating Positive Impact, and we’re defining Positive Impact as we create it. We are now articulating this and further structuring the strategy for how we can do it better and bring together the various actors from corporations, from governments, international donors and others to do this better and more efficiently. It’s a great time to be part of Palladium.

If you had one message to your partners and clients who are interested in achieving Positive Impact, what would it be?

KB: There’s tremendous potential to improve the way we all do things. If we work together to look at the ways we can create Positive Impact it’s going to benefit not just society, but businesses. Together we can make it possible.

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