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Palladium hosts Positive Impact events in Japan and South Korea

Palladium recently held two Positive Impact Events in Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea.

Palladium's Joan Cabezas and President Chun of KDS open the event in Seoul.

Positive social impact is coupled with sustainable commercial growth for Japanese and Korean companies. This innovative business model coincides with the governments of Japan and South Korea increasing their commitments to International Development.

Building Positive Impact Partnerships in Japan
Palladium hosted the event alongside our Japanese partner, IC Net Limited. The event explored the need for private sector involvement to achieve the SDGs by 2030. To accomplish this, partnerships are needed for facilitation—what we call Positive Impact Partnerships. Finding the right partner will lead to collaboration, implementation, unlocking capital, and ability to access sustainable value chains.

A representative from Japanese government speaks about the SDGs and the private sector.

In Japan, companies are encouraged by the Japanese government to develop a strategy to engage with the SDGs. Many companies are committed to achieving the SDGs but find it challenging to balance company growth and social impact. This event highlighted methods which can be implemented that address social issues while yielding positive market growth. The key takeaway is that organizations need partnerships to achieve success in these fragile and complex ecosystems.

Speakers and panellists represented Japan’s private, public, and civil sectors and were leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility, Shared Value, and social impact. The sessions ranged from the potential of Japanese companies and the expectation they are held to; how to build Positive Impact Partnerships; invoking rural innovation by coordinating with different stakeholders, and the Japan International Cooperation Agency’s support scheme in relation to the private sector and achieving the SDGs.

Korea: the next leader in International Development and Positive Impact
The “The Next Frontier: Creating Positive Impact for Sustainable Growth – a great opportunity for Korea to lead this global transformation” took place in Seoul, South Korea and was co-hosted with our Korean partners, KDS and Ksight. It focused on the market growth coupled with social impact for their country’s private sector and the government’s commitment to international development programs.

The event explored implementing Positive Impact in South Korea and abroad to address social issues and see sustainable commercial growth for companies. Panels ranged in topics to include the roles and responsibilities government and private sector can play; how Korea could grow in international development programs; collaborative business models for sustainable growth; as well as innovative financing mechanism such as Impact Bonds and Impact Investing. More than 100 participants from the Korean government, MoFA, private sector, investment community, and civil society were in attendance.

The event in Seoul, South Korea.

Interested in Positive Impact events? Palladium held its annual Global Summit in March 2017—click here to learn more about Reimagine Strategy. For more information on our upcoming events, check out our Training and Events page!