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Rakhi's story: finding the skills training programme to get back on her feet

Rakhi had few options left, then she found a sewing course

After being trafficked to India, Rakhi managed to escape and get back to Bangladesh, only to be turned away from home by her parents and husband. By learning to sew, she’s found a way to make a living and provide for her children.

Rakhi’s sewing course was run by a private skills training centre, which is being supported by the UK and Swiss government-funded Sudokkho programme. Sudokkho provides a targeted, results-based financing mechanism to the centre, to incentivise it to seek out participants who can contribute to training fees those from hard-to-reach groups.

After her course, Rakhi was able to find a job as a sewing machine operator in the garments sector, one of Bangladesh’s major revenue generating industries. This is her story.