Assessment of electrification options for off-grid areas in Cambodia

Palladium is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to conduct a detailed assessment of electrification options for off-grid areas in Cambodia.

Currently, electrification options for providing grid or near grid-quality electricity to population clusters are not covered by the existing and planned electricity transmission and distribution grid. The analysis should consider the investment and operational cost viability of key renewable energy alternatives relative to other options for electrification to reach the Royal Government of Cambodia’s electrification targets. The activities will assist the TWG and MME with the update of the NPDP 2019-2030 and provide input for renewable energy resources to be included in the plan. The activities will also form a key component of the RE Plan to be developed by the TWG.

Please see attached Request for Proposals (RFP) for additional details and scope of work. Please send your Proposals in accordance with the Details for Submission above by the Closing Date and Time to Stephanie Lymn, Operations Manager, at Please submit questions by email to



Closing date:
28 June 2019