Consultancy Firm to Conduct National Rollout of the People Living with HIV Stigma Index 2.0

Palladium has been implementing the USAID-funded Health Policy Plus (HP+) Project in Jamaica. HP+ is a five-year initiative which aims to assist in the creation of an enabling environment for the equitable and sustainable provision of health services, supplies and delivery systems by advancing health policy, advocacy, financing and governance, in the fields of family planning (FP), reproductive health (RH), maternal/neonatal/child health (MNCH) and HIV and AIDS. HP+ is implementing its Year 4 activities. The predecessor Health Policy Project (HPP) was a similar initiative.

Study Purpose
Stigma and discrimination act as barriers to access to HIV services. The purpose of the study is to provide evidence-based information to accelerate progress in advocacy and policy design in the area of stigma and discrimination nationally and globally.

Scope of Work
HP+, with guidance from the Stigma Index 2.0 Steering Committee, is seeking a suitable Research Consultancy Firm, with sufficient support, to advance the Stigma Index 2.0. The Consultancy Firm will be required to work closely with JN+ who are leading the study, the HP+ technical team in Kingston, Jamaica and Washington DC, USA who will provide technical support, and the Steering Committee who will provide oversight for all stages of the research process. Consequently, the Consultancy Firm will be required to participate in Steering Committee meetings as required.



Closing date:
23 July 2019