Health Minimum Service Standard (SPM) Costing Data Collection in Indonesia

Health Policy Plus (HP+) project, in partnership with PPJK, is conducting an activity-based costing study to quantify costs incurred by local governments at the primary healthcare level, including at puskesmas and private clinics, to implement each of the 12 minimum service standards as outlined in Permenkes No.4/2019.

HP+ intends to contract out the following data collection tasks from a qualified local data collection firm:

  • 1) Initial assessment and work plan development including review of costing tolls & guidelines; translation of tools; and creation of online database system to upload SPM tools
  • 2) Prepare for data collection: arranging for necessary data collection equipment, programs and computers; establishing processes; recruiting for necessary resource; training; pilot testing; finalizing data collection materials, tools and systems
  • 3) Implementation of data collection: collection of data including security of information and quality control; data entry; translations; weekly status update and reporting
  • 4) Final products: data cleaning and processing; summary report on the data collection process and final delivery of materials, records, notes and data.


Closing date:
19 July 2019