Integrated Health Program - Difficult Contraceptive Implant Removal Training Consultancy

The USAID Integrated Health Program is an integrated health program with an expanded effort with the Government of Nigeria (GON) to identify and support rapid scale-up of proven interventions through improvement of service delivery and strengthening of health systems. It focuses its support for service delivery in six intervention areas: family planning, malaria, routine immunization, nutrition, maternal/newborn health, and treatment of childhood pneumonia/diarrhea.

Terms of Reference
Use of contraceptive implants has surged in recent years, yet emerging data show a deficit in service delivery capacity and coverage for implants removals. The project is looking for one consultant to facilitate six 2 ½ days of skills trainings (2 batches per State) on difficult-to-remove implants for family planning service providers from selected Secondary and Tertiary hospitals in Bauchi, Kebbi and Sokoto states.

Course Purpose
To build the capacity of family planning providers on identification and management of difficult contraceptive implant removals.

Specific Objectives:
By the end of the training learners are expected to:

  • Provide pre-removal counseling with respect and care, answer any questions the woman may have, and ensure she understands the removal process, including potential adverse events
  • Recognize the variations of implant placement according to visibility, arrangement and palpability (VAP) and correctly assess what type of difficult removal is needed and is possible
  • Remove deeply positioned implants using the modified-U technique or refer to a higher-level facility

Apply knowledge of the variations of difficult implant placement for successful removal

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Closing date:
14 February 2020