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Defining Meaningful KPIs to Enhance Organisational Performance


The right KPIs within the right performance measurement process are a critical part of what drives your organisation to achieve sustainable results.

The Challenge:
Despite the exponential growth in data availability and the increased sophistication of analytical techniques, the challenge remains to make sense of all the measurement data gathered today. Many managers drown in financially oriented data, struggle to gain meaningful insight into the data they gather, and fail to measure non-financially oriented, but highly relevant, data metrics.

Palladium's Solution:
Attend this Kaplan-Norton Endorsed Training to gain the following benefits:

  • Understand why organisations need to develop KPIs beyond those currently in use, to strengthen their performance and strategy management system
  • Learn a proven set of tools to develop effective KPIs for your organisation across all four perspectives of your balanced scorecard
  • Gain practical experience by applying the tools with a series of exercises designed to enable you to apply the theory and see how it works on real world examples
  • Advance your knowledge and sharpen your skills is one of the critical steps of the strategy execution process.

What level of knowledge do I need to attend?
A basic level of knowledge of the Balanced Scorecard will be assumed, but it is not a requirement to have attended any formal Balanced Scorecard training in order to be able to benefit from this programme. The six-stage Kaplan-Norton Execution Premium Process™ (XPP™) will be outlined at a high-level as part of the training, with a specific focus on KPIs within that framework.

Who should attend?
This course is designed for managers and decision-makers responsible for driving results by selecting KPIs, setting targets, monitoring results, and executing strategic objectives and initiatives. Suitable for below job titles and similar:

Chief Financial Officers
Chief Strategy Officers
Vice Presidents of Business Strategy
Business Analysts
Balanced Scorecard Program Managers
Risk Management Professionals
Business Unit and Department Managers
Project Management Leaders
Quality Officers
Performance Management Managers or Officers

For more information about the training, please contact Charlotte Taylor at or call +44 1225 462967.


The KPIs Training in Johannesburg will be led and delivered by senior expert Palladium trainer, Victor Sevillano.

Victor Sevillano has more than 23 years’ experience in Strategy, Marketing and Sales Management, building his career in first-rate national and multi-national organisations across Europe, South America, Middle East and Asia, such as Akzo Nobel, Sara Lee, Nutrexpa, Cosmos Aromática and Palladium. For the last 3 years, Victor has been an advisor to the former CEO of Economy, Finance, Business & Employment at Barcelona City Hall, supporting the execution of the strategic plan in the areas of economic promotion and business development.

Clients include Abu Dhabi General Secretariat of the Executive Council, City Hall of Barcelona, City Hall of Sant Cugat, Carrefour Group in Spain, Mercadona in Spain, Jumbo Supermarkets in Chile, Tom Sailor in Venezuela, Diplomatic School in Barcelona, Eurochambers in Brussels.

Victor's track record accounts for more than 100 new products and services launched both within the FMCG and B2B markets, over 50 mass media communication and PR campaigns managed, over 35 international conferences and client events, and tens of advisory services to different companies.

During the training you will have an opportunity to pre-book one-on-one time with Victor. If you would like to reserve your meeting now, please contact Charlotte Taylor at or call +44 1225 462967.


Monday 30 October 2017

08:00 - Registration & Coffee

08:30 - Introduction and Overview
Palladium trainers will kick off the course with introductions, expectations, and a discussion regarding the KPI challenges participants are presently experiencing. The topic of KPIs and measurement will be introduced and the course overview will be provided. The role KPIs play in driving and aligning overall organisational performance will be discussed. State of the art research will be presented, highlighting the challenges of performance measurement today. Instructors will answer the question “why measure?” and will summarise the history of performance measurement and the present point of view from Palladium.

KPIs and Measuring Performance - Basic
This module will explain and describe basic KPI design, process development, and implementations. Key definitions will be discussed explaining KPIs, performance measurement, and measurement systems/frameworks. Types of effective KPIs will be identified and key types of basic KPIs that every manager needs to know will be discussed to include strategic, operational, financial, customer, process, learning and growth as well as leading and lagging, and tangible and intangible. Examples of types of KPIs and when to use them will be described. During this module, participants will be given an opportunity to self assess their own measurement practices.

Group Exercises: Applying basic KPI techniques

KPIs and Measuring Performance - Advanced
Building on basic KPIs, this module will present advanced KPI techniques – their design and implementations. Advanced KPIs to be reviewed include driver KPIs, leading indicators of future outcomes, driver trees and value drivers versus value builders. Various performance measurement frameworks will be discussed.

Group Exercise: Applying advance measure techniques

Analysing Measurement Data
Measurement analysis is the process used to determine the effectiveness of performance. The process of data analysis includes deciding on the appropriate analysis to conduct, preparing data for analysis, and summarising results. Techniques to analyse measurement data will be defined and explained, including: Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Process Analysis and Failure Analysis. Also explained will be how Big Data and Predictive Analytics, along with Business Intelligence tools are enabling organisations to conduct deeper drills into the data that supports KPIs as well as merge future-based data with historical data to enable richer data-driven performance analysis and conversations.

17:00 - Day One Wrap Up

Tuesday 31 October 2017

Presenting Measurement Data
This module will review the ways to clearly communicate and present measurement data for maximum impact—including the principles of effective information design based on an understanding of the type of data to be presented, the key feature or message to be portrayed, how the information will be used and the intended audience. Types of data presentations will be defined and reviewed relative to effectiveness and use with measurement data – graphs/diagrams, charts, time series, multivariate data presentation, etc.

Group Exercise: Modelling and Presenting Data

Managing the Performance Measurement Process
The performance measurement value chain will be defined and described. How to move through the steps in the measurement value chain from the key steps of gathering, analysing, interpreting and informing data, to exposing real opportunities, providing testable impacts and leading to certain outcomes.

Group Exercise: Assessing Your Organisation’s Performance Measurement Value Chain

Mission Critical KPIs Every Manager Must Know
This module will present Palladium’s point-of-view on the critical KPIs every manager should know including Lifetime Value, Net Promoter Score, DuPont ROI, EVA, Relative Market Share, and Concentration Ratio. Examples of how these KPIs have been used will be provided.

Measurement Problems and Pitfalls
Measurement data is critical to aligning and driving efforts toward meeting strategic goals, assessing quality and effectiveness of core processes, closing gaps through corrective actions, tracking progress toward strategy, and supporting accountability and communication through an organisation. But there are problems and pitfalls associated with performance measures including selecting the wrong measures, misuse of measures such as point measures that produce misleading results, proliferation of measures with little impact as well as a host of other challenges. This module will describe the consequences of misuse of performance measures along with the associated wrong behaviours and will identify practices participants can employ to avoid these problems.

Diagnosing the Effectiveness of Your Measurement System
The Measures Training will conclude with a review of how to diagnose the effectiveness of a measurement system. It will assess the measurement system’s efficiency versus effectiveness, and its impact on organisational assets and behaviors in the achievement of strategy. Finally, a measurement system audit will be presented.

17:00 - Course Summary and Conclusion


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