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Defining Meaningful KPIs to Enhance Organizational Performance - A Kaplan-Norton Endorsed Training


As KPI has become the new buzzword of the region, the course provides a deep understanding of the KPIs as tools for learning in an organization by developing KPIs within a comprehensive performance management system, KPIS that are 100% customized to the organization and with targets within a manageable range to ensure progress.

Course Objectives:

  • Explore how effective KPIs can improve your strategy execution
  • Develop a KPIs process to know if your strategy is being achieved
  • Review KPIs best practices
  • Learn analytical techniques for mission critical KPIs
  • Define your performance measurement system and diagnose its effectiveness
  • Understand how Big Data and Predictive Analytics support KPIs to manage performance
  • Gain practical experience by applying the tools in a series of exercises designed to help you apply the theory and see how it works on real world examples

At the end of the program the trainees will be able to:

  • Assess the performance management process in their organization
  • Define KPIs fully relevant for the organization
  • Set-up a performance measurement system
  • Identify the best sources of data
  • Analyze performance and present data in compelling ways
Target Audience:

Business managers and decision makers responsible for driving results by selecting measures, setting targets, monitoring results, and executing strategic objectives and initiatives: CFO, Controllers, CSO, Vice Presidents of Business Strategy, Business Analysts, BSC Program Managers, Risk Management Professionals, BU and Department Managers, Project Management Leaders and Quality Officers.



Victor Sevillano

Victor Sevillano has more than 23 years’ experience in Strategy, Marketing and Sales Management, building his career in first-rate national and multi-national organisations across Europe, South America, Middle East and Asia, such as Akzo Nobel, Sara Lee, Nutrexpa, Cosmos Aromática and Palladium.

For the last 3 years, Victor has been an advisor to the former CEO of Economy, Finance, Business & Employment at Barcelona City Hall, supporting the execution of the strategic plan in the areas of economic promotion and business development.
Clients include Abu Dhabi General Secretariat of the Executive Council, City Hall of Barcelona, City Hall of Sant Cugat, Carrefour Group in Spain, Mercadona in Spain, Jumbo Supermarkets in Chile, Tom Sailor in Venezuela, Diplomatic School in Barcelona, Eurochambers in Brussels.

Victor's track record accounts for more than 100 new products and services launched both within the FMCG and B2B markets, over 50 mass media communication and PR campaigns managed, over 35 international conferences and client events, and tens of advisory services to different companies.


Day 1: Introduction and Overview

  • KPIs and Measuring Performance – Basic
  • KPIs and Measuring Performance – Advanced
  • Analysing Measurement Data

Day 2: Presenting Measurement Data

  • Managing the Performance Measurement Process
  • Mission Critical KPIs Every Manager Must Know
  • Measurement Problems and Pitfalls
  • Diagnosing the Effectiveness of Your Measurement System


Qatar University - Center of Continuing Education