Roundtable: Responsible Communications
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    The most forward-thinking organizations are moving beyond CSR and philanthrophy, and linking social impact directly to their business results. Not only does this improve a company's bottom line and create financial returns for investors, it can also deepen relationships with consumers and employees, both of whom expect more from companies than ever before. 

    The implications for communicators are significant. The market is full of "green washing", while brand activism, social enterprise, and promises of transparency muddy the waters for stakeholders who can't tell who to trust.

    This roundtable will explore what it means to communicate responsibly in a way that inspires confidence and sets your organization apart.

    This session draws on themes from the previous day's Positive Impact Summit: Impact at Scale

    Elizabeth Godo
    Director of Communications


The Westin New York at Times Square

26 Jun
9:00-10:00 AM