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Christopher Hirst

Christopher Hirst has been with Palladium for 20 years. As CEO, he's passionate about positive impact whilst creating value for the company and our clients. Prior to his role as CEO, Christopher served as the Managing Director of Strategy and Corporate Development. He led the organisation's business and performance strategy, IP generation, and corporate business development. This included identifying, analysing and capturing new business opportunities globally; Mergers and Acquisitions; as well as Impact Investing Asset Management and Impact Investment Advisory business services. In addition, as part of the Global Leadership team, he was a key decision maker in Palladium. Prior to this he oversaw Palladium's Middle East division for nine years including being seconded as the Chief Executive Officer and Board Director of the Abu Dhabi Government's Farmers Service Centre (ADFSC) for the latter 4 years. Christopher has also held senior management roles on numerous projects around the world as well as in Australia, the United States, Zimbabwe, and Papua New Guinea.