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Amtrak's Strategy Management System recognised for quality in government report

New Strategy Management System helps Amtrak focus on improving customer experience, satisfying government guidelines and increasing revenue.

Palladium has been working with Amtrak since 2011 to create and implement a custom Strategy Management System. Credit:

When Amtrak released its strategic plan in 2011, it decided to implement a new process to execute it throughout the organisation. To build this capability, Amtrak has worked with Palladium since 2011 to create and implement a custom Strategy Management System in many parts of the organisation with great success.

Amtrak’s new approach to strategy development and execution has earned them high marks in a U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, particularly in their long-distance business line.

The report encouraged the company to adopt this system company-wide and also noted that Amtrak’s Strategic Management System reflects several leading-edge performance management practices. These include linking line-of-business goals and initiatives to corporate-wide strategic goals, assigning personnel to execute strategic initiatives and systematically tracking leading and lagging results.

“Amtrak’s Strategy Management System will help them substantially improve its long-distance line of business; specifically relating to improved ridership experiences, satisfying state and federal government stakeholder needs, and increasing revenue,” said Rob Held, who leads Americas Consulting for Palladium.

“One of the most common challenges we see organisations face is actually executing the strategies they’ve created. The team at Amtrak had the knowledge and expertise to build a great strategy and our Strategy Management System made it simple for them to take the actions needed to reach their goals,” Rob said. “We are extremely proud of the work we have done with Amtrak and that our work has been recognised by the GAO.”

Amtrak is one of many leading organisations, both public and private, who have used a Strategy Management System to execute their strategy and achieve the organisation’s goals. According to the report, Amtrak’s Strategic Management System is expected to drive a significant improvement in the evaluating, selecting and implementing of initiatives. In particular, the long-distance business line’s focus on the strategic initiatives will produce greater benefits than previous efforts to improve Amtrak’s long distance routes.

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