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Introducing new Positive Impact training courses!

There is a growing recognition that solutions to business and development challenges are inextricably linked.

These challenges can represent business opportunities that simultaneously offer economic and social value. However, no single organisation can address them alone—alliances and partnerships need to be created.

We’re pleased to announce two new training programmes focusing on integrating Positive Impact into the core of your organisation’s strategy.

Setting up Positive Impact Partnerships

  • Embed “Doing Good” into the strategy of the organisation by formalising processes and behaviours to garner the support of all employees
  • Identify and leverage opportunities for growth in bottom-of-the-pyramid markets
  • Assess the value chain to identify opportunities for collaboration with third parties from the private or public sector
  • Establish and manage alliances to address community issues with mutually beneficial outcomes – both commercial and social
  • Set-up robust measuring and monitoring systems to be able to demonstrate social and economic impact

How to Measure Impact: An introduction course on establishing functional M&E systems for multi-stakeholder initiatives and partnerships

  • Explore the essential components of a functional system to measure performance and impact of multi-stakeholder initiatives and partnerships
  • Understand the different roles of actors in designing and delivering functional measurement systems for multi-stakeholder initiatives, both those with and without central leadership mechanisms
  • Providing an understanding of the key components required to design a basic measurement plan for a specific multi-stakeholder initiative or Positive Impact Partnership
  • To understand the use of data for planning, management, and improvement

Download the brochures now to learn more!