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Mali puts the Total Market Approach into action

The Ministry of Health recognises the importance of multi-sectoral collaboration to achieve Mali's reproductive health, family planning, and UN sustainable development goals

Mali’s Ministry of Health makes vital progress towards a Total Market Approach
Ensuring sustainable access to quality reproductive health and family planning products and services is a critical challenge to overcome if Mali is to achieve its Sustainable Development Goals.

Despite some progress in recent years, the Ministry of Health continues to struggle with achieving its development objectives due to limited financial and human resources in the health sector and limited access to areas with the poorest health indicators due to security issues and an ongoing insurgency in the northern region. Despite these significant challenges, the Ministry of Health recognises the value of a multi-sectoral approach to improve planning, investment, and ultimately the health of Malians.

Globally, Palladium is a key advocate for using such a Total Market Approach (TMA) to improve the health of citizens by coordinating and leveraging the comparative advantages and investment capacity of all sectors in a health system – whether public, private or NGO. In Mali, Palladium is supporting the Ministry of Health to identify and apply appropriate total market principles, specifically for its reproductive health and family planning programs.

In July 2017, the Ministry approved its Total Market Approach action plan, which outlines concrete actions and next steps for public and private partners. This is a crucial first step in establishing a common understanding of the challenges and agreeing upon a shared vision for achieving Mali’s reproductive health and family planning goals. Dr. Toure of the Ministry of Health’s Directorate of Pharmacy and Medicines has led stewardship of the initiative and sees TMA as an important tool in achieving better cross-sectoral coordination and improved impact:

“The priorities outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 (ODD2030), the ten-year Health and Social Development Plan (PDDSS) 2014-2023, and the Health and Social Development Program (PRODESS) 2014-2018 demonstrate the importance of increased coordination across all sectors; Total Market Approach is an important tool for meeting these objectives, and all of the sectors – public, NGOs, and private – must work together for greater effectiveness and efficacy.”

Palladium is an advocate for using a Total Market Approach to improve the health of citizens.

What’s next for the Total Market Approach in Mali?
Through the USAID-funded Keneya Jemu Kan project led by Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, Palladium will support the Directorate of Pharmacy and Medicines to conduct a Total Market Approach market assessment and monitor the action plan. The road-to-results is not an easy one. It demands improved resource utilisation across all sectors, more targeted donor and government subsidies, and better monitoring of total market metrics. Palladium is proud to play a central role in facilitating this process and supporting Mali’s commitment to better healthcare for all.

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