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Voices for Change recognised for driving women's economic empowerment

The Voices for Change programme has received an award for its commitment to women and girls in Kaduna State, Nigeria.

The Voices for Change team celebrate their achievement in Abuja.

Voices for Change (V4C) takes a fresh look at young Nigerians as individuals, not just ‘beneficiaries’. The programme capitalises on current trends in Nigeria, such as the growing access to digital/mobile technology, while seeking also to change some of the more entrenched formal and informal barriers that prevent girls and young women realising their potential. V4C combines learning from development, learning from communications, behavior change and social marketing.

The award was presented in May at the 2017 Kaduna Women’s Economic Empowerment Summit, hosted by the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, in recognition of V4C’s successful facilitation of the Results for Girls and Women in Kaduna (REWORK) project. REWORK's aim is to increase government commitments to girls and women in the Kaduna State budget.

This project has led to a 400% increase in the state government budget for women and girls! What’s more, as a result of REWORK’s efforts every ministry, department and agency in the state has appointed a gender representative. This focal person is responsible for helping the Kaduna State Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Social Development recognise and address gender concerns and identify activities that will increase opportunities for women and girls.

Sarah Didi, V4C’s Kaduna State Coordinator accepted the award and expressed how fulfilling it was to witness the evolution the Ministry has undergone in Kaduna:

“…the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, who V4C has supported, take on their own initiative to train other people working on gender and build up on this process to achieve such profound success.”

Voices for Change is a programme supported by UK aid and managed by Palladium that works to strengthen the enabling environment for gender equality in Nigeria. To find out more visit the V4C website.