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What's New? Evaluating a United Nations labour programme

Photo credit: Flickr

What’s new?
The United Nations’ International Labour Organization (ILO) is currently implementing a global project on ‘Market Systems Development for Decent Work’, also known as The Lab. Our Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Team is working with the ILO to conduct a final independent evaluation of the project, and to identify key lessons and best practices for action in a possible second phase.

The ILO is the only tripartite U.N. agency and collaborates with governments, employers, and workers’ representatives to set labour standards to promote decent work for all. The Lab is a three-year research and knowledge generation project funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) that focuses on how to measure and maximise labour market outcomes. It will focus, in particular, on value chains to provide evidence of poverty reduction through the number and quality of jobs created; to improve working conditions; to select the best sectors for creating more enduring employment; and ultimately, to build the capacity of national-level institutions to implement and facilitate the lessons learned.

Where will you be based?
The assessment will be based in London and work with ILO project teams and affiliated partners globally. Upon completion, the Palladium team will present the results to ILO in Geneva.

Who will you be working with?
Palladium will lead the assessment independently and conduct interviews with a wide range of key stakeholders, including internal ILO representatives and external consultants.

What’s your goal?
The goal is to identify the most effective approaches to generating decent employment that is sustainable. The evaluation will assess whether the Lab project has fulfilled its objectives of strengthening sector selection and analysis; of improving results measurement; and of building national market system facilitation capacities. The Ultimate goal is for this analysis to play a small role in encouraging better and more enduring employment for millions around the world.

How will you deliver Positive Impact?
Positive Impact is delivered through the adoption of better practices that will help a variety of actors in different markets effectively create more jobs – jobs that are enduring, provide better working conditions, and increase workers’ incomes. We bring over 50 years’ experience building sustainable and equitable market systems to this project and look forward to working with the ILO to contribute to global expertise.