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What's New? Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs is prioritising better services for its citizens. Credit:

What’s new?
Palladium was recently awarded an extension to continue supporting the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As part of this piece of work, we are helping the Ministry implement a performance management framework across the country’s municipal sector, spanning over 285 municipalities in 17 cities. The framework measures overall citizen satisfaction and quality of all municipal services. This is the second project extension, and will run until late January 2017.

Where will you be based?
Our team will operate primarily from the Ministry office in Riyadh, but will also undertake field visits to some of the larger municipalities in major cities like Jeddah, Makka and Dammam.

Who will you be working with?
We will work directly with the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs and his office, as well as the governorates of larger cities. Our project funding partner is the King Abdullah Institute for Research and Consulting Studies.

What’s your goal?
We will develop a performance measurement dashboard to help align and monitor all municipal services - tracking satisfaction levels to ensure citizens receive better services. This dashboard is the first of its kind within the Ministry. It will be tailored for all aspects of Saudi Arabia’s municipal sector - from Ministry level down to governorates (or ‘Amanat’ in Arabic) and municipalities.

How will you deliver Positive Impact?
The project will sustain direct and indirect social and economic impact. By implementing a performance management system for the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, we can better measure results and encourage the Ministry to enhance services that receive poor performance ratings. This in turn will create an environment of increased market competitiveness with local businesses given the opportunity to help improve core services across the country.

In terms of social impact, we will be able to capture citizen satisfaction across all municipal services, including food safety, waste management, and pest control. By better evaluating and understanding citizen and customer satisfaction, we can continue to improve public health, environmental practices, and the overall provision of quality municipal services.

How will you make sure Positive Impact is enduring?
We are taking clear and practical steps to deliver enduring Positive Impact. Specifically, we have tied the performance management dashboard and framework to the recently developed Kingdom of Saudi Arabia National Transformation Plan. By linking improved service quality and performance to national policy, we can ensure the enduring social and economic impact of the municipal sector. Furthermore, by embedding the performance management framework in Saudi Arabia’s domestic policy vision and architecture, we can ensure regular reporting and the resolution of issues at the highest level in government.

If we want more info, who should we contact?
Don’t hesitate to write to Palladium’s Project Director Abdelrahman Arqawi ( or +971 5018 11802) for more info or to discuss opportunities for your organisation to get involved.


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