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What's New? Nigeria Integrated Health Program

Photo credit: Shutterstock

What’s new?
Palladium will deliver the new Nigeria Integrated Health Program (IHP) to help contribute to significant reduction in mortality rates among infants, children under five, and mothers in Nigeria.

Where will you be based?
Palladium has one of its largest offices in Abuja, Nigeria, and will also open offices in states throughout Nigeria based on future task orders awarded through IHP.

With whom will you be working?
Palladium is providing the overall governance for program activities and will lead the health systems strengthening interventions. We will work closely with the Federal Government of Nigeria along with individual state governments, and in coordination with the US Agency for International Development.

We have three main partners: Jhpiego, Society for Family Health (SFH), and PharmAccess. Jhpiego will lead service delivery, SFH will lead quality assurance, and PharmAccess will contribute to quality assurance and private sector health financing.

What’s your goal?
Our aim is to increase the capacity of both public and private health systems in Nigeria, contribute to and scale-up proven interventions, and ultimately reduce the mortality rates of infants, children under five, and mothers.

How will you deliver Positive Impact?
Large investments have been made in Nigeria’s health sector aimed to reduce infant, child, and maternal mortality rates; however, the country failed to meet Millennium Development Goals and progress halted from 2008-2013. There have been significant – and cost-effective – advances made, but they have not been successfully scaled-up to achieve large-scale mortality reductions.

Palladium will help Nigeria take this next step by working at the state and local levels to strengthen health systems, improve service delivery and quality assurance, and intentionally integrate private sector strategies.

How will you make sure Positive Impact is enduring?
Palladium’s approach looks at the whole system of health in Nigeria. We’ll strengthen institutional capacity through local teaching hospitals, training-the-trainer approaches, and establishing supportive supervision systems. We are working in coordination with multiple levels of the Nigerian government, which puts the government in the driver’s seat.

IHP will help strengthen state-level leadership and health systems management to expand its capacity to identify and address new challenges, well after the program finishes. Part of IHP is to develop sustainable, cost-effective systems using state training cadres to deliver quality training and integrated supportive supervision. We will also focus on critical management components for a functioning health system that includes leadership capacity, budget development, and resource allocation.

Part of this system includes Nigerian citizens, and we’ll work to strengthen advocacy networks and monitoring and evaluation systems, to ensure citizens and state actors are enabled and equipped to hold their government accountable