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HK Logistics Joins Palladium

Post-Disaster Logistics Provider Furthers Palladium’s Ability to Deliver Positive Impact

Palladium is pleased to announce that HK Logistics (HKL) has joined the company. A key provider of humanitarian emergency response services to the Australian government, HKL works in post-disaster and post-conflict areas providing logistics, supply chain, capacity building and management support services for facilities, deployees, personnel and institutions in logistically challenging environments, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region.

Kim Bredhauer, group managing director, welcomed HKL to the Palladium team: “I believe that HKL’s humanitarian emergency response and logistical and management support services will help complete our company’s continuum of positive impact services. In the many places where societies are vulnerable to geo-political and environmental shocks, the capacity to properly prepare, withstand and respond to these shocks is crucial to positive impact.”

Prior to joining Palladium, HKL has partnered with the company to provide logistical support services across a number of international development projects, primarily in Papua New Guinea. Palladium will bring HKL’s core capabilities across logistics and procurement to provide end-to-end solutions to clients and benefit developing economies.