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Endline surveys for the West Africa Food Markets (WAFM) Programme

About Palladium
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Scope of work for the survey firm/s
Palladium is seeking to hire 1 or more survey firm/s to support Palladium with the implementation of the survey in Ghana, Nigeria, Niger and Burkina Faso.
Locations for treatment and control groups for each country are attached in Annex A. Palladium will provide a list of households for both groups, from which the survey firm should draw the sample.

Objective and main tasks
The overall objective of the assignment is to assist the WAFM-PMU to establish WAFM grantees’ endline. It is understood that, the survey will also provide opportunities to collect other quantitative data from the smallholder farmers (to be included in the questionnaire).

Palladium will provide the firm/s with the study design, the questionnaire and the lists of farmers (control and treatment). The survey firm will lead on the data collection as per below Table 3. The data collection is expected to take place between November 2018 and January 2019.

Main tasks:
Pre-data collection

  • Draw sample of smallholder farmers based on agreed frame and sampling approach
  • Translation of questionnaire to local languages, accordingly
  • Paper to tablet survey programming setup in close collaboration with Palladium.
  • Logistical support for training and piloting

Data collection

  • Collect data from smallholder farmers
  • Conduct quality assurance during data collection process
  • Report to team regularly and maintain regular contact.

Post-data collection

  • Process the collected data

Requirements and qualification for the survey firm/s

The firm/s should have:

  • A strong understanding and experience of household survey instruments, with knowledge of units for reporting agricultural production
  • Data collection instruments including tablets/mobile phones
  • Fluency in the relevant local languages
  • Qualified key personnel able to successfully perform the assignment. Indicative key positions identified by Palladium to complete the assignment, including expected level of experience, are provided in Table 4.

Application process
Applicant should submit a technical and a financial to proposal including by 07th October 2018 to with the title WAFM Endline survey application. For any request of clarification please write to