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External Audit of ESHE project

Background and Objective
The Enabling Sustainable Health Equity (ESHE) project is a DFID-funded Family Planning (FP) project that runs for 5.5 years. The total contract value is £27.48 million. ESHE (formally – and contractually with DFID – known as DIFPARK – Delivering Increased Family Planning in Rural Kenya) started in July 2013 and will run until December 2018. The project has now been running for just over 5 years and currently in its third phase that started on February 20th 2018 and due to end in December 2018. It is managed by Palladium with a consortium of partners.

The objective of the audit is to enable the auditor to express a professional opinion on the financial position of the project at the end of the reporting period.

The audit will be carried out in accordance with international standards of auditing. This exercise is required to give full and satisfactory audit discharge to the project expenditure from July 1, 2017 to October 31, 2018.

The approach should include but is not be limited to:

  • Hold pre-engagement meeting with the Company to present an outline of the planned approach
  • Formal interviews with the ESHE Project Management team, the Sub-contractor personnel’s and their financial management teams in Kenya.
  • Examination of the financial transactions of the Project.
  • Review and vet invoices for fees, reimbursable expenses and milestones by the Company.
  • Review and vet invoices paid for services rendered by Consortium members
  • Review the procurement process and procedures for all short term contracts for the period under review.
  • Review the assets register to ensure it is up to date.
  • Express an opinion on the cost effectiveness, accuracy and completeness of the financial transactions for the period under review.
  • Prepare a project expenditure report showing receipts and expenditure summaries from July 1, 2017 to October 31, 2018.
  • Review the Terms of Reference for the contract to ascertain the extent to which the Company has complied with specified reporting requirements


  • Audited financial report (hard and soft copies) for the period noted.
  • A management letter, which should highlight observed weaknesses in the system of internal control and the recommendations for managing the identified issues.
  • A statement of compliance with DFID terms and conditions as contained in the Company’s contract.
  • A verification report on programme funded assets.

The work is expected to run for a maximum of 15 business days commencing from November 5, 2018. The audit firm is expected to submit first draft of report by November 30, 2018 and the final report not later than December 21, 2018.

Application process
Applicants should submit a technical and a financial proposal by 14th October 2018 to with the title External Audit of ESHE Project.
For any question or clarification please write to