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Request for Quotes for Auditing Services

Palladium Global Pty Limited is soliciting proposals from qualified firms of certified public accountants to audit the financial management systems for the West Africa Food Markets Pilot WAFM project. WAFM is a £14.3 million project managed by Palladium and funded by DFID for the period March 2014 – March 2018. Palladium has entered into arrangements by which Palladium Global Pty Limited will provide certain services in relation to the Project. The audit will be undertaken at the WAFM office in Accra, Ghana.

The eligible firm will have experience in conducting similar audit assignments of international development programmes. Prior experience in auditing DFID programmes a significant asset. Availability to start with the assignment on 11th July 2018 is also a significant asset.

Project Summary: The West Africa Food Markets Pilot Programme seeks to increase the availability of staple food and purchasing power of farmers in food-insecure regions of the Sahel as well as to increase their resilience to hunger and malnutrition during the regular hungry seasons and periodic shocks.

Your proposal should contain, but not be limited to the following considerations:

  • 1. Eligibility - authorization by a statutory body to conduct audits.
  • 2. Experience of your firm in relation to the scope of audits.
  • 3. Audit firm staff stability history - what assurances can you provide Palladium/ Palladium Global Pty Limited regarding the assignment of your permanent personnel to the engagement?
  • 4. Detailed audit plan.
  • 5. Your fee proposal to conduct the basic audit function, along with your fee schedule for additional services that may be required beyond the scope of the audit engagement.
  • 6. Estimated number of hours to complete the audit by classification of your employees, i.e. partners, senior, junior.
  • 7. Clientele of the audit firm.

Enclosed is a copy of the audit scope of work. The final agreement will be in the form of a written contract following the standard agreement form used by Palladium Global Pty Limited for contracting audit services.

We are targeting a start date no later than 11th July 2018 so please take this into consideration when submitting your proposals. Considering the tight timeline we will look forward to receiving your proposals on or before 25th June 2018.

Please email proposals to Nana Amaning, Finance & Admin Manager, at