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Research Institution to Conduct Provider Survey in Indonesia

PLEASE NOTE: The proposal submission deadline has been extended to Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Project Overview

In the quest to meet the rapidly increasing demand for health services and provide quality and affordable health care for all, the Government of Indonesia (GOI) launched the ambitious Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN) program in 2014. JKN aims to offer fully subsidized health care to all inhabitants by 2019. Since its inception, the GOI has made substantial investments into the health system to ensure that JKN helps achieve its goal of providing fully subsidized care. These investments are believed to have created business opportunities for the private sector, increased the patient population accessing care, and opened competition among health care providers. Three years into the implementation, the GOI is interested in understanding the impact of JKN from the payer, patient, provider, and private sector perspective.

One component of this research is to assess changes in the health market caused by the introduction of JKN. The objectives are to understand:

  • 1. The impact of JKN on private health care providers
  • 2. The perception of health care providers on JKN policies and processes 

Scope of Work

GOI and its partners seek to understand if the ongoing shifts in the operations, finances, business models, and strategies among private health providers are associated with the market opportunities and incentives created by JKN. USAID-funded Health Policy Plus project (HP+) in partnership with the National Team for Poverty Reduction or TNP2K seeks to conduct a multi-province private hospital facility-level survey to gather quantitative data on changes to service delivery in response to JKN. This survey also includes a qualitative component that assesses the perception and behavior of health care workers and administrators in these facilities since the introduction of JKN.

Towards this survey, Palladium, through HP+ is seeking an Indonesian research institution to implement the survey to gather facility-based data on health care provision and provider perception. The sample will focus on all hospital classes but primarily on class C and D hospitals. Primary healthcare facilities will not be included in this survey. The selected research institution will work collaboratively with TNP2K and HP+ staff in Jakarta as well as HP+ headquarters staff in Washington, DC. Only firms located in Indonesia, and familiar with the health care system and large-scale survey methods will be considered.

Proposals should be submitted electronically by Wednesday, August 16, 5PM (Jakarta) to with subject line “Private Provider Survey RFQ”.

Any enquiries must be in writing and directed to dedicated email above no later than 5 business days prior to the closing time.