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Rwanda Multi Donor Civil Society Support Programme Assessment of NCPD Strategic Plan 2013-2018 achievements

Palladium is the management agency of the Ikiraro cy’Iterambere Programme. Ikiraro aims to contribute to the EDPRS-II/NST objective of promoting citizens’ participation and accountable governance. The Programme supports tangible changes for Rwandan citizens (women, men, girls and boys) through the direct provision of capacity building and financial support and promoting learning and adaptation. Ikiraro’s funding development partners are SIDA, SDC and USAID and led by UKAID. Ikiraro cy’Iterambere Programme intends to support the assessment that will enable the National Council of People living with Disability (NCPD) to take stock of 2013-2018 Strategic Plan achievements and document evidence on how the later has contributed to the overall achievement of NCPD strategic objectives.

Palladium Rwanda now invites bids from consultants with a strong track record in institutional strengthening interventions to support this initiative. Bidding consultants are invited to elaborate the methodology, implementation plan and costs in detail. Interested bidders are required to provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform this assignment by submitting detailed information including past performance records, references of previous similar assignments, background and work experience, and specific information on previous assignments with Development Partners (UKAID, SSIDA, SDC and USAID). The successful consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the procurement policy of Palladium.

Application is open until 12pm on 12th of March 2018. For further enquires please contact