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Scoping for a Provincial Development Expert/Team

The Economic Policy Incubator (EPI), launched in February 2016 with DFID support, aims to strengthen Nepal’s economic policies and policy processes through flexible approaches, instruments and entry points. EPI focuses on effective implementation of public policies, esp. in economic growth and development. This requires addressing top cross-sectoral constraints to growth. Towards this end, EPI plans to build strong partnerships with local stakeholders, including government agencies, civil society, and the private sector. There are several ongoing efforts in this area (undertaken by GON agencies and development partners). EPI intends to build on and, contribute to, these reform efforts. EPI is one of the three components of the DFID-supported ‘Accelerating Investment and Infrastructure in Nepal’ (AiiN). The other components focus on infrastructure investment and financial sector stability. AiiN foresees that all three components would have cross-component linkages.

Objective of the Assignment
The EPI is working with Nepal’s new provincial government leaders in 3 provinces, to deliver provincial development strategies. We are looking for a consultant or team to lead on this work, collaborating with national sector experts identified by the EPI who will bring sectoral expertise in agriculture, tourism, industry, infrastructural development, natural resources and services sector.