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Strategic Plan for the Development of an Investment Fund and the Center for Entrepreneurship

Palladium has been awarded a five-year Contract to implement Project USAID/Creating Economic Opportunities with special attention to the country’s Western Highlands and its capital city. Project CEO supports economic growth, private sector development, competition and job creation in Guatemala. It also strengthens the promotion of investment and trade, serves as a catalyst for the development of productive infrastructure, facilitates the growth of the work force in Guatemala, and fosters a positive business environment. A core objective of Project CEO is to strengthen the private sector as an engine of growth to reduce poverty, improve living conditions, and create sustainable economic opportunities for Guatemalans in Guatemala. By focusing on the country’s secondary cities as natural platforms for investment and growth, cultivating alliances between stakeholders in the public, private, and civil society sectors, and placing emphasis on an ecosystem conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship, Project CEO plays a central role in job creation, facilitating investment, and promoting prosperity in the country.

The purpose of the present Terms of Reference (ToRs) is to contract a Guatemalan or eligible international Consulting Firm with a recognized track record to design a Five-Year Strategic Plan for the creation of 1) an Entrepreneurship Center for technology start-ups and 2) a Technology Innovation Fund; both to be implemented in the urban district of Cuatro Grados Norte in Guatemala City.

The design of the Strategic Plan should include best practices and lessons learned from prior experiences of the Consulting Firm in developing entrepreneurial ecosystems in other emerging markets. The implementation of the Strategic Plan will help to increase investments and financing amounts for local start-ups that have international reach and to create a “knowledge ecosystem” that generates high-value jobs and to position the Cuatro Grados Norte district as a Regional Technology Hub as an important activity under the USAID/Creating Economic Opportunities Project (Project CEO).