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Support for transition and sustainability planning for the national HIV response in Suriname

HP+, with Global Fund Technical Assistance Funds (GFTA) through the USAID Office of HIV and AIDS, is providing technical assistance support to government and civil society partners in Suriname to develop sustainable policies, guidelines and practices for the national HIV response as external funding decreases.

In 2010, the World Bank classified Suriname as an upper-middle income country. This classification reduced Suriname’s eligibility for Global Fund grants and started the country’s transition from external donor funding. The Government of Suriname will have to increase domestic spending to maintain and scale-up HIV program gains, to offset reductions in the availability of external funds from Global Fund and PEPFAR.

Currently, donor funding supports to the majority of outreach and prevention services for key populations in Suriname. To mitigate a gap in critical HIV services for key populations, HP+ will provide technical assistance to rapidly develop systems and capacity for sustainability, with the goal of increasing the ability of civil society and the Government of Suriname to work in partnership to implement a country-owned and -financed response. HP+ requests technical assistance to achieve this objective.