National Vaccines Procurement Modernization Expert
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Project Overview and Role

Background and Rational:

The Jordan Health Finance and Governance (HFG) is an activity funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It aims to improve health sector sustainability and resiliency in Jordan. HFG's goal supports Jordan's commitment to universal health coverage declared in the Jordan National Health Strategy 2016-2020 " provide health, financial, and social protection to the entire population on a fair basis." HFG's two primary objectives in support of the GOJ's UHC goal are to promote: (1) Increased spending efficiency of public resources for health to ensure long term sustainability; and (2) Strengthened governance of the health sector at both national and subnational levels to more effectively coordinate, plan, manage, and monitor the health system.

Vaccines Procurement Modernization:

Various assessments have found that the Government of Jordan would benefit from an enhanced procurement and regulatory framework to ensure long-term access to more affordable vaccine prices and vaccine security, limiting the sustainability of Jordan's vaccine program and resulting in higher annual vaccine costs and diminished fiscal space to introduce new vaccines in the future. Modification to the Government's procurement, regulatory, budget and planning laws, policies, and processes could generate additional cost savings and efficiencies, allowing the Government to sustain financing for immunization and introduce new vaccines.

A Conditional Precedence (CP) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in vaccine planning and procurement was submitted to the government of Jordan. As per the CP, the Government of Jordan need to convene a high-level committee with representation from the Ministry of Health (MOH), Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA), Joint Procurement Department (JPD), USAID, and UNICEF (and other relevant stakeholders) to analyze and identify necessary reforms to modernize the Government of Jordan's vaccine procurement laws, policies, and processes to build a more sustainable and cost-effective vaccine program. The CP will be met when the MOH submits a complete analysis and action plan with a detailed timeline for implementing vaccine procurement reforms, for review and agreement by USAID Jordan.

Rational for the consultant:

Realizing the fact that the pharmaceutical procurement system is a major determinant of pharmaceutical availability and total pharmaceutical costs. USAID's Health Financing and Governance Activity (HFG) is currently engaged with related GOJ stakeholders including the Joint Procurement department (JPD) and the Procurement and Supplies Directorate (PSD) at Ministry of Health (MOH) to introduce key principles and best practices for pharmaceutical procurement, develop forecasting tools for pharmaceutical needs and assist in the implementation of developed procurement mechanisms, and ensuring compliance with its regulation.

On the other hand, and to specifically support improved efficiency and effectiveness in vaccine planning and procurement, HFG initiated the work on an external analysis of existing vaccine procurement and regulatory laws, policies, and processes to determine potential areas for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the vaccines procurement process. This will feed in validating the initial findings regarding potential mitigation solutions that could help to achieve cost-savings and reduced prices for vaccines and will inform the work of the National Vaccines Procurement Modernization Committee.
In alignment with these efforts, HFG will assist the MOH in managing a Secretariat for the National Vaccine Procurement Modernization Committee to complete analysis and develop action plan with a detailed timeline for implementing vaccine procurement reforms. The action plan should outline findings, identifies laws, policies, and processes that could be amended to address necessary reforms to vaccine planning and procurement, and determines an actionable timeline with responsible parties.


Main Responsibilities/Duties

Technical Tasks:
  1. Prepare terms of reference for the committee, purposes, authority and reporting lines and specific job descriptions and set of skills for the members and the chair.
  2. In consultation with the different members, prepare the committee's activity and meeting schedules and implementation action plan
  3. Conduct orientation of the committee members on the main objectives, scope and expected deliverables from the National Vaccines Procurement Improvement Committee
  4. Deliver/Manage the delivery of capacity building support on best procurement management principles with emphasizing vaccines procurement. This should cover but not limited to market intelligence, competitive tendering, quantification, quality specifications and inventory managed. The types of capacity building activities would cover theoretical and on job training and coaching;
  5. Provide technical assistance to the committee in drafting position and discussion papers and consultation documents
  6. Facilitate consultation meetings/events between the committee and other stakeholders
  7. Prepare communication material (e.g. power point presentations, press releases, fact sheets, summaries...etc.) as needed to present and discuss committee activities
  8. Prepare terms of reference and scope of works for any additional specialized technical assistance as needed for the committee activities
  9. Hold the responsibility of defining data needs to be collected by relevant stakeholders, preparation of research and assessments of vaccine procurement system and availability of relevant background or explanatory documents;
  10. Conduct meetings and interviews with stakeholders related to Pharmaceutical Procurement in Jordan as need;
  11. Have weekly briefing meetings with HFG management /USAID teams;
  12. Develop and implement a monitoring guideline to monitor the progress and performance of committee members. This provide an opportunity for members to reflect on the appropriateness of their terms of reference and the effectiveness of their work as a committee;
  13. Prepare monthly reports on the progress of activities, committee performance monitoring results and main achievements by the committee to HFG, USAID, MOH and other related stakeholders;
  14. Prepare the complete analysis and action plan with a detailed timeline for implementing vaccine procurement reforms.
  15. Discuss USAID edits and feedback with committee and finalize action plan with a detailed timeline for implementing vaccine procurement reforms
  16. Closely work with the government of Jordan to help to finalize a letter from the Government of Jordan that includes a final action plan outlining and prioritizing relevant laws, policies, and practices to be amended, with a complementary timeline and assignment of responsible GoJ entities.
Administrative tasks:
  1. Ensure committee meetings are effectively organized and facilitated in coordination with MOH related staff. (meetings invitations, ensure availability of needed documents, preparing Committee meeting agendas in consultation with other committee members and distribution prior to the meeting)
  2. Manage minutes of committee meetings, and coordinate with MOH related staff to ensure minutes are distributed to members shortly after each meeting
  3. Maintain effective management of documents and record of all the committee activities. These records may include governing documents related to the committee activities, lists of committee members, committee meeting minutes, official correspondence, main decisions, studies and workshop/events reports used or developed and other official records
  4. Help and lead the committee in providing systematic communication from the committee to relevant stakeholders and coordinate with MOH related staff, all logistical arrangements needed to conduct the committee's activities (Venues, printing, transportation, periderms...etc.)


HFG is seeking to hire an expert in pharmaceutical/vaccine procurement to act as the secretariat for the National Vaccines Procurement Modernization Committee with the following qualifications:
  • Advanced degree in business management, international studies or related fields, with training in international procurement and supply chain management
  • Demonstrated knowledge and working experience in of Pharmaceutical/Vaccines procurement standards and practices
  • Hands on experience in the health sector
  • Proven track record in conducting researches and studies in the field
  • Previous working experience with government entities, preferably in the health sector
  • Training experience and skills
  • Computer skills
  • Strong leadership and time management skills
  • Proficiency in Arabic and English, both written and Oral
  • Well organized, proactive and disciplined

Intermediate Level
Amman, Jordan
Closing date:
31 March 2019