Social Contracting Consultant for Tajikistan
Company Overview
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Project Overview and Role

While the Government of Tajikistan has increased it's contributions to the HIV/AIDS program, a large portion of the program is still funded by external donors. The Global Fund plans to continue support to Tajikistan in the next round of funding, however, it is anticipated that the level of funding will be reduced from previous grants. The Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MOHSP) and Republican AIDS Center (RAC) are planning for two transitions; first, to becoming the principle recipient of the Global Fund grant and second, to transition away from donor funding. A Transition Preparedness Assessment funded by the Global Fund identified a priority to build the capacity of the government and NGOs for social contracting for the provision of preventive, outreach, and social support services to key and vulnerable populations. Currently, several NGOs receive funding from the Global Fund and PEPFAR to provide these services, but the continual decrease in funding means that these services may end if the government does not pay for them. There is a favorable legislative framework in the country related to the social contracting which has served as a basis for the Agency on Social Protection under the MOHSP for commissioning social services for elderly, disabled and alone living old people. This implementation experience provides valuable experience and lessons learned for the HIV sector. Social contracting is occurring at the republican, oblast and district levels.

The USAID-funded Health Policy Plus project (HP+), with Global Fund Technical Assistance Funds (GFTA) through the USAID Office of HIV and AIDS, will provide technical assistance to prepare government and civil society partners for a transition of the Principal Recipient-ship from UNDP to the Government of Tajikistan (GOT), specifically in the areas of social contracting and budget advocacy. HP+ plans to facilitate the MOHSP, RAC and NGOs in the preparation of a social contracting roadmap.
HP+ plans to hire two consultants, with at least one a Tajik national. The consultants will support planning for and facilitating a social contracting seminar, developing a social contracting roadmap and conducting a validation workshop for Tajik participants.


Key Responsibilities
  • Contribute to the analysis of qualitative information collected from Tajik NGOs providing HIV services;
  • Contribute to the development of the agenda and materials for a Social Contracting Seminar;
  • Analyze information gathered at the Social Contracting Seminar to a draft social contracting roadmap;
  • Prepare for and conduct a validation workshop for the social contracting roadmap; and
  • Develop reports documenting the seminar and validation workshop.


  • Experience in supporting programs related to social contracting in Tajikistan and/or other Central Asian countries;
  • Experience in working closely with Ministry of Health and Social Protection, facilitating discussions, trainings, and proposing activities;
  • Experience facilitating working group meetings and training events in different settings and with different types of participants;
  • Demonstrated expertise in public health, HIV, and capacity development;
  • Strong written and oral Russian language skills, native Tajik language for at least one consultant.

Intermediate Level
Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Closing date:
22 March 2019