Study Coordinator/ Consultant – Namibia Male Case Finding Assessment Study
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Project Overview and Role

The 2017 Namibia Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment (NAMPHIA) and other Annual Progress Report on the number active on ART, indicated that men 20 to 34 years of age have the lowest ART coverage in the country. This is a critical area of underperformance related to adult male case finding and linkage to ART.

USAID/Namibia has requested MEASURE Evaluation to conduct a study that will help identify innovative approaches to deliver appropriate and effective HIV/AIDS services for young men, increasing their rapid uptake of HIV testing, linkage to HIV treatment, and achievement of viral suppression. The study should provide clear recommendations to improve case finding for men 20-39 years of age, particularly high yield male testing interventions for men in this age group. The mission desires to engage high risk men in testing and care, as men in this age group are the least likely to be tested, to know their status, and to be on treatment.
Specifically, USAID/Namibia is interested in generating knowledge that could contribute to an increase in:
  • Case findings of young men ages 20-39 with a yield greater than 10 percent
  • Young men enrolled in care
To achieve these objectives, MEASURE Evaluation is planning two activities.
  • Six focus groups in at least 3 USAID-priority districts in Namibia with men ages 20-39,
  • A crowdsourcing contest in USAID-priority districts to gather input from target populations on novel methods to increase male case finding and testing overall
For this study, MEASURE Evaluation, on behalf of USAID/Namibia, seeks the services of a Consultant to assist in the successful implementation of study activities


The consultant would act as a Study Coordinator with responsibilities for the complete and efficient implementation of the assessment as designed by MEASURE Evaluation in coordination with the Consultant. The specific responsibilities include:
  • Participate in the final design of focus group discussions
  • Coordinate with local implementing partners for the recruitment of focus group discussion participants
  • Support MEASURE Evaluation in the conducting of focus group discussions to include managing logistics, incentives, travel stipends, etc.
  • Liaise with local stakeholders to form steering committees for the crowdsourcing contest and ensure buy-in of the contest details
  • Assist in the set-up of a crowdsourcing contest entry system
  • Plan for and implement the advertisement of the crowdsourcing contest
  • Ensure the collection and judging of crowdsourcing contest entries by the steering committees
  • Provide for the awarding of crowdsourcing contest awards
  • Participate in data analysis and report writing at the completion of the assessment


To be considered for the requested service provision, the Consultant must have:
  • At least a bachelor's degree in social sciences or public health fields
  • At least 5 years' experience in field data collection, with a focus on implementation and analysis of data from qualitative interviews
  • Demonstrated knowledge in data analysis and report writing
  • Familiarity with the districts and areas in the Northern region in Namibia
  • Understanding (speaking and writing) of the main local language spoken in the Northern parts of Namibia (Oshiwambo).
  • Understanding and experience in crowdsourcing techniques for engaging communities in public health interventions would be an added advantage

Interested Consultants should submit the following as part of application:
  1. Updated CV of Consultant. Include contact information for at least two referees
  2. Cover Letter of intent for service provision
  3. A budget proposal for provision of those services. Consider the following budget assumptions
  • Focus group discussions with about 20-25 young men of different ages ranging from 20 to 39 years. Focus group discussions to be conducted in not more than 4 areas/districts in the North sometime in April 2019 (One week only).
  • Crowdsourcing contests to be conducted in the same areas/district in the North, sometime in May 2019 (Max 2 weeks)
  • Own Transportation to and from these field areas
  • Any payments to participants in the focus group discussions and in the crowdsourcing contests
  • Any other related costs for successful implementation of focus group meetings, and crowdsourcing contest
4. Two examples of past work experience as Study coordinator/Lead Consultant in related activities

Intermediate Level
Closing date:
25 March 2019