Teacher Workforce Adviser, Education Sector Support Program (ESSP) - Samoa
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Project Overview and Role

The Technical Assistance Support (TAS) Facility is a component of the Education Sector Support Program (ESSP) funded by the Governments of Australia and New Zealand. It is designed to provide high quality technical expertise to assist Implementing Agencies (MESC, NUS, SQA) manage and implement the Education Strategic Plan (ESP 2013-18). Whilst the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC) endeavours to achieve these goals, ongoing challenges exist within the area of teacher supply and demand in all schools and within different levels of teachers (ECE, primary and secondary). Many schools have reported operating with classes that exceed the required pupil teacher- ratio.

Under the Education Sector Support Program-Technical Assistance Support (ESSP-TAS), managed by Palladium, The Education Sector Implementing Agency (MESC) is seeking a Teacher Work Adviser (for up to 30 days) to conduct a situational analysis based on an investigation of the current distribution of the school age population and the current state of teacher supply and demand across Samoa. To review and recommend improvements to current policies, processes and practices for teacher recruitment and deployment to enhance effective and efficient allocation of teachers based on student numbers and school curriculum needs. The assignment will include a review of previous national, regional and international studies on teacher demand and supply for all school teachers (ECE, Primary and Secondary).


The Adviser will report to the PPRD Assistant Chief Executive Officer and work in collaboration with the Principal Education Officer. The position will be based in country with any required field travel or home-based work to be agreed with the ACEO - PPRD during development of the workplan. The TA will spend the majority of time working in Samoa to allow for consultation and meeting availability with MESC staff members and other stakeholders.

The assignment will include a review of previous national, regional and international studies on teacher demand and supply for all school teachers (ECE, Primary and Secondary). The investigation will consider the reasons for the variation in teacher workforce across schools/districts, including government, private and mission schools. It will also include an investigation and evaluation of the effectiveness of the existing initiatives to address the issue of teacher shortages, provide equitable deployment and support systems for teachers. Existing statistics on teacher workforce, and school enrolment populations by gender and school levels will provided to the TA as background information for this work.

The Adviser is expected to carry out the following tasks during this assignment:
o Complete a desk review of relevant policies and documents related to school teaching postings including the existing MESC posting system
o Develop a work plan in consultation with PPRD, detailing activities, timelines, outputs and outcomes. The plan will include in-country missions and any agreed remote support. The work plan will be approved by MESC in consultation with DFAT/MFAT. The Adviser will provide progress reports at agreed intervals based on the work plan.
o Analyse teacher supply and demand data to determine projections for the coming years based on population distribution of school age children, teacher retirements / attrition, recruitment / training, variation of Student Teacher Ratios and class size across districts and schools, etc.
o Design a survey instrument to collect data on the current situation for recruitment, deployment and support for teachers to meet the school demands
o Undertake the survey and analyse the data
o Present a draft report on the findings and recommendations through presentation to MESC Core Executives
o Provide a revised report based on feedback from MESC and stakeholders
o Provide a final report for approval and endorsement by Education Sector Advisory Committee
1) Develop a comprehensive work plan including timelines, outputs and outcomes related to developing a survey and undertaking a situational analysis.
2) Design a survey instrument to generate the necessary data from the situational analysis of the teaching workforce in Samoan schools
3) Implement the survey with relevant stakeholders
4) Present draft report on findings to CORE executive highlighting recommendations for going forward given issues noted in the report
5) Finalise a copy of the report incorporating feedback provided during the presentation to MESC and all stakeholders
6) Hand over process for reports and other date to MESC


Interested, please refer to the full Terms of Reference here.

Please submit your CV and cover letter addressing the following selection criteria:
  • A relevant Masters degree in Education/Teaching and Learning is highly desirable
  • Extensive relevant professional experience in teacher management including HR planning, deployment
  • Previous working experience or engagement in education development in the Pacific Islands is desirable
  • Strong academic background and/or internationally recognized professional experience and status in research and development in education initiatives
  • Strong analytical and report writing skills.
  • Understanding of working in a cross-cultural setting
  • Strong coordination, communication and interpersonal skills

Senior Level
Closing date:
24 March 2019