Accelerating Adoption of E-Payments and Other Digital Financial Services - West Bank & Gaza

The purpose of this Innovative Partnership Announcement is to solicit applications from interested parties wishing to receive co-funding and technical assistance from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/West Bank and Gaza Digital Financial Services (DFS) Pilot Activity, which is being implemented under the auspices of USAID’s Alliance for eTrade Development (hereafter the eTrade Alliance).

The USAID/West Bank and Gaza DFS Pilot Activity, implemented by the Alliance for eTrade II (with Palladium as the prime implementer), aims to scale e-payments and digital financial services in West Bank and Gaza. As part of this Activity, the eTrade Alliance seeks to facilitate the formation of innovative private sector partnerships that will drive uptake and usage of e-payments, particularly amongst underserved segments including women, youth, rural Palestinians, low-income Palestinians, and un(der)banked Palestinians. Selected commercial firms will receive technical assistance and co-funding from the Innovative Partnerships Fund (IPF) to structure partnerships with other private sector actors to develop and operationalize new approaches to overcome barriers constraining the growth of e-payments.

The Selection Process will involve a multi-step evaluation that will allow the eTrade Alliance to be highly involved in co-creating and co-designing the partnership structure and approach to expanding use of e-payments in West Bank and Gaza. The process will consist of three stages:

Phase 1: Initial review of concept notes against Innovative Partnerships Fund evaluation criteria

Phase 2: Co-creation with USAID/West Bank and Gaza and eTrade Alliance to refine the concept note and develop a detailed application including a scope of work and targets

Phase 3: Request for accompanying budgets and final source selection for award of a subcontract or grant (see definitions below).

Applicants may submit Phase 1 concept notes prior to January 19, 2023. All concept notes will be reviewed against Phase 1 evaluation criteria by the eTrade Alliance’s Grant Evaluation Committee and successful applicants may be invited to the co-creation stage. During the Phase 2 co-creation stage, the eTrade Alliance will work with the applicants to develop a detailed application and complete a scope of work for proposed activities. Based on the outcome of co-creation, the applicant may be asked to submit a financial application to support the implementation of the partnership (Phase 3). This may result in the provision of a grant or a subcontract, as defined further below, to co-fund implementation, as well as ongoing technical assistance provided by USAID, the eTrade Alliance, or a local partner. The eTrade Alliance anticipates providing technical assistance and co-funding for up to six concepts in response to this notice on behalf of USAID, although the eTrade Alliance reserves the right to fund any or none of the applications submitted.

For the purposes of this announcement, a funded Subcontract is defined as a firm fixed-price contract to procure goods or services at firm fixed-prices, where payments are made for acceptable received and inspected services or goods per the stated criteria. A funded grant, on the other hand, is defined as an agreement by the eTrade Alliance to fund the grantee on a cost reimbursable or fixed-amount basis to implement an innovative concept which may or may not produce a desired final objective or a result. Grants shall not include any profit or fee when priced.

The following request for applications (RFA) for co-funding and technical assistance from the IPF includes the following main sections:
1. Program Summary
2. Innovative Partnership Announcement
3. Award Information
4. Eligibility Requirements
5. Application & Submission Information
6. Application Review Information


West Bank & Gaza

Closing date:
23 January 2023