Blanket Purchase Agreement with Fixed Price Orders - Egypt

Revision 1 (June 26th, 2022): Changes the closing date to July 6th, 2022 and adds a bidders conference detailed below.

The goal of the USAID Trade Reform and Development in Egypt (TRADE) Activity is to boost Egypt’s international trade by increasing exports from Egyptian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and, in particular New and Expanding Export-Ready Enterprises (NEEREs).

The USAID TRADE project seeks consultants, companies, or consortia to provide integrated management system certification services and product certification for Newly Exporting or Export Ready Enterprises (NEEREs) for compliance with international standards to obtain confirmation of compliance and issuance of certificates of compliance. The overall objective of the assignment is to provide the NEEREs with the needed guidance to complete their quality management (QM) certification to secure their market penetration in the targeted export markets.

Palladium will hold a bidders’ conference on Wednesday, March 29th at 11:00am GMT +2. Bidders can join the conference in person at the TRADE office (17 Port Said Street, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt) or via Microsoft Teams.


Cairo, Egypt

Closing date:
6 July 2022