Course: "Updating Approaches, Situation Analysis, and Malnutrition Interventions"

The Health and Education Policy Project (HEP+) is part of a global initiative implemented jointly by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Palladium Group, subject to availability of funds.

HEP+, in coordination with an academic institution, aims to contribute to build the capacities of teachers and students in malnutrition approaches, situation analysis and interventions. The evidence documents that the double burden of malnutrition, on one hand malnutrition and on the other hand obesity, are both health problems that pose a risk to people's quality of life and the development of the country.

HEP+ summons organizations with experience in documentation, updating the language oftraining processes and materials, with specialized human resources, as well as proven experience in facilitating methodologies and tools in virtual education processes to define and propose content, reading materials and to support learning. Special consideration will be given to professional experts in the field for the implementation of an updated course on the platform of an academic institution and in coordination with the professional team of this entity.

The upgraded course will have a curriculum that lasts 12 weeks, with at least 6 synchronous meetings and activities “asynchronous” in the virtual platform in coordination with HP+ to complete at least 140 hours.

Submissions are due electronically by January 14, 2022, 6:00 PM EST.

Technical and financial proposals should be sent in closed envelope to the HEP+ offices in Guatemala City: 2ª avenida, 15-24 zona 10, until January 14, 2022.



Closing date:
14 January 2022