Documentation of Processes and Experiences - India

Palladium is intended to document various processes, learning and experiences during implementation of The Utkrisht Development Impact Bond Project in Rajasthan.

The objective of the assignment is listed below:

  • A document will be largely based on the qualitative data collected from the field and review of documents for establishing the linkages of input, process, environment factors with the outcomes achieved.
  • Development, design, and printing of advocacy material from the excerpts of the research report.
  • Production of two video films (one with 2-4 minutes duration and other with 8-10 minutes duration) in English language with Para Dubbing features.

The total financial cap for this assignment is around INR 25,000,00/- (Twenty-five lakhs only)

The successful agency will be invited to negotiate a contract for abovementioned assignment with Palladium. The term of the contract will be limited to this specific task only.


Note: Deadline extended from February 25th to March 3rd.


Rajasthan, India

Closing date:
3 March 2021