E-Commerce Expansion Activity

Palladium is seeking offerors to provide technical assistance to the Future Growth Initiative and its partners to align proposed partnerships and interventions with international best practices and market opportunities in e-commerce, which will directly support expanded sales, and job creation. Activities will be distributed across the following categories. All work will be implemented working in close coordination with FGI Country Managers and Partnership Specialists.

  • Support Digital Transformation of large Central Asian Firms: Provide technical assistance (TA) to existing and nascent anchor firm partners to design ecommerce expansion strategies, facilitate linkages to relevant international ecommerce platforms and technology leaders, train business executives on ecommerce topics, review of solicitation documents and tenders, and ongoing coaching and guidance. This type of TA will be reserved for the largest firms with the most potential to impact transformation throughout a supply chain.
  • Support SMEs’ use of ecommerce marketplaces: Provide TA to relevant industry associations and business advisory service providers (BASPs) to crafts effective strategies to build capacity of member SMEs and other firms to pursue digitization of internal systems as well as to integrate onto digital marketplaces. Support associations to identify key constraints to expansion of ecommerce and appropriate investments and advocacy strategies to address these constraints.
  • Accelerate Central Asian integration with global markets and use of universal payment platforms: Facilitate linkages with key international tech leaders in digitization solutions and online marketplaces such as Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, Mastercard and other leaders. Forge innovative partnerships that expand application of tech platforms and online transaction volumes.
  • Support Business Enabling Environment for Ecommerce: Support Central Asian eCommerce Associations in their effort to develop eCommerce friendly policies and legislation on a region level, by bringing best global practices with effective awareness and education initiatives.

Guidelines for Submission of Proposal:

Offerors should submit the following to us.e4.pmu@thepalladiumgroup.com:

  • Cover letter, line-item budget, budget narrative, CVs, and select documents to us.e4.pmu@thepalladiumgroup.com. Document specifications are as follows:
  • Cover Letter: The cover letter should not be longer than one page and include the following information:
    • In case of an individual, full or given names, surname, address, and contact information.
    • In case of a business or other registered entity, full name of the entity, the address of the registered office of the entity, and registration number
  • Brief description of up to 5 (minimum 3) most relevant past experiences with similar projects (2 pages max)
  • CVs of nominated personnel expected to contribute to accomplishing the scope of work (2-page max per CV)
  • Line item budget and budget narrative explaining in detail (as applicable) labor (assume 60 days of LOE spread across two consultants), fringe, supplies, indirect costs, fees, and any other estimate expenses.
  • Contact information for at least two references
  • Necessary supporting documentation
    • If a business, copy of certificate of registration or articles of incorporation
    • If an individual, copy of a government-issued identification (passport, driver’s license, etc)
    • If a business, copy of DUNS number confirmation. If the business does not have a DUNS number, they can apply for one using these instructions and provide confirmation that the application is in process.
    • Completed and signed Due Diligence form (included in this RFP)

Please forward your tender in accordance with details for submission attached by September 18, 2020 5:00 PM EST to us.e4.pmu@thepalladiumgroup.com.



Closing date:
18 September 2020