E-commerce Web Development - Egypt

The USAID funded Trade Reform and Development in Egypt (TRADE) project seeks a contractor to support SMEs in enhancing their ecommerce platforms/marketplaces/websites in order to prepare them for creating B2B “Business to Business” and B2C “Business to Customer” deals and enhance their visibility in the market. The overall objective of the assignment is to take USAID TRADE team recommendations from their assessment of SMEs’ websites and support those SMEs to implement those recommendations. The type of services could consist of web development, migration of their website to Shopify/Bigcommerce, graphics designs, banners, and copy writing.

The Trade Reform and Development in Egypt (TRADE) Activity is a USAID funded contract implemented by Palladium. The goal of the TRADE Activity is to increase Egypt’s international trade by increasing exports from SMEs, and in particular New and Expanding Export-Ready Enterprises (NEEREs). This will be achieved by addressing the constraints that impede the competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). In order to achieve the Activity’s goal (increasing exports in selected sectors), the Contractor must attain the following three Results:

1. Enhanced Export Capacity of SMEs, in particular New and Expanding Export- Ready Enterprises
(NEEREs) in Selected Sectors
2. Strengthened Public and Private Trade-Support Institutions (e.g., Trade Associations, Export Councils,
etc.); and
3. Improved Trade and Investment Policy, Regulatory and Institutional Environment



Closing date:
7 May 2023