Export Facilitation Services in Egypt

The goal of the USAID Trade Reform and Development in Egypt (TRADE) Activity is to boost Egypt’s international trade by increasing exports from Egyptian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and, in particular New and Expanding Export-Ready Enterprises (NEEREs).

The objective of this solicitation is to engage Export Facilitators to assist SMEs, in particular NEEREs operating in Egypt, to secure export deals as part of USAID TRADE’s efforts to achieve the target of generating USD 225M in export revenue from NEEREs by 2026. Export Facilitators are individual consultants and/or consulting firms with expertise in export market information, market penetration, extensive buyer connections, and able to help SMEs conclude export deals. This solicitation invites eligible and qualified Export Facilitators to submit their proposals to support the increase of exports of SMEs in USAID’s six target sectors.

Direct export targets for SMEs supported by the Export Facilitator should reach a minimum of $5M, over a 15-month period, through linking them to different international buyers. The objective is to create a vibrant sustainable network of Export Facilitators working with NEEREs to identify and close export deals. Therefore, USAID TRADE intends to engage multiple export facilitators through this procurement.


Cairo, Egypt

Closing date:
21 November 2021